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Running a business is never easy, but when it comes to having a successful property management business, building an effective relationship with homeowners can make a huge difference in increasing responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Here at Property and Association Management we offer a personal touch.  Keeping the communication lines open between an HOA's Board of Directors and it's members goes a long way in preventing problems before they happen.  We are here to listen to your concerns and direct you through the appropriate course of action.

We return phone calls no later than the following business day.

Our Services Include:


Accounting And Financial Services: 
  • Prepare A Proposed Annual Operating Budget.
  • Prepare Monthly Financial Reports
  • Maintain Accounting Records
  • Communicate Financials To Members Annually
  • Serve As Receiving Agent
  • Enforce Assessment Payment Through Legal Action.
  • Process, Check And Pay Expenses And Obligations Of The Association.
  • Arrange For And Assist In The Preparation Of Association Tax Returns

Administrative Services: 
  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Attend Annual Association Meetings
  • Assist In Maintaining Association’s Minute Book And Other Records.
  • Assist In Acquiring The Proper Forms Of Insurance
  • Assist In The Preparation of Newsletters
  • Assist With Compliance Of Governing Documents And Rules And Regulations
  • Provide Administrative Work Required For Processing Re-Sales And Transfers

Physical Property Supervision Services: 
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Roofing
  • Cleaning
  • General Maintenance
  • Negotiate and Manage Maintenance and Service Contracts
  • Make Regular Weekly Inspections of General Common Elements

For more information on these and other services please call us at 843-280-6100.

Property & Association Management 
1575 Hwy 17 *Little River * SC * 29566
Mailing Address:
PO Box 395, Little River, SC 29566