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Robbers Roost Phase I Annual Meeting 2015

Robert's Rules of Order

GENERAL-- Each owner is responsible for the proper conduct of family members, guests and service personnel, and must
insure they understand and observe all rules and regulations. This list highlights those found in both the Master Deed and By-
Laws. Please refer to these documents for other that apply.
BALCONIES, PORCHES AND COMMON AREAS -- Clothing, linens, towels, etc. shall not be hung from the
balconies, porches, windowsills, shrubs, or draped across outdoor furniture. These areas shall not be used as storage for boxes,
coolers, trash, etc.

OBSTRUCTIONS -- Parking areas and other common areas shall not be obstructed in any manor, such as with strollers,
bicycles, mopeds, wagons, chairs, coolers, tables, toys, or other objects.

OUTDOOR COOKING -- South Carolina law prohibits open flame cooking on balconies, porches and within ten (10) feet
of the building.

FIREWORKS -- The discharging of fireworks is prohibited on the property.

NOISE -- Loud parties will not be tolerated. TV's, stereos and musical instruments should be used with consideration,
especially between the hours of II:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

PETS -- Owners, Tenants and Guest must leash their pets and clean up after them. Pets should not be left unattended outside of any unit.

GUESTS -- No children under eighteen (18) years of age are permitted to occ.upy the unit unless a parent or the owner is in the
tin it at the same time.

TRASH -- All non-recyclable household garbage is to be deposited inside the trash compactor. Owners will be fined for leaving any other kind of trash on the property, such as paint, furniture, grills, appliances, bedding, household decorations and building materials (the county's Solid Waste Authority will accept these types of trash) ALL RECYCLING MUST BE TAKEN TO RECYCLE CENTER

SWIMMING POOL -- Swimming in the pool is permitted between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. PERSONS
USING THESE FACILITIES DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK. Rules posted at the-swimming pool must be obeyed. No pets
allowed inside the fence area.

HAZARDS -- No flammable oils or fluids such as propane, gasoline, kerosene or other explosives or articles deemed
hazardous to life or property may be brought into any unit or storage area in or around the building.

PARKING -- Commercial, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, boats, or other watercraft, or other over -sized vehicles, stored
vehicles or inoperable vehicles are not permitted on the, premises. No repair work shall be carried out in the parking spaces.
Parking spaces are not assigned, everyone is encouraged to respect owners' desire to park in front of their units or as close as
possible. Golf Carts are to be driven and parked on the paved areas only. At no time are they to be driven or stored on
the common areas.

RENTALS -- Units used as rental property must have rules visibly posted inside the unit.

ALTERATIONS -- No alterations may be made to the exterior of the building including storm/screen doors without Board
approval. Drapes or shades covering the windows shall be completely lined with white so that the white lining is visible from the
exterior. Each unit is allowed to display one (1) portable, removable United States flag, however, the flag must be
displayed in a respectful manner, consistent with 36 U.S.C. Sections 171 - 178, as amended.

VIOLATIONS -- Any continued violation or disregard of the Rules and Regulations can result in the following: 1st violation:
a written warning; 2nd violation: a $50.00 fine, 3rd violation: a $100.00 fine and 4th and subsequent violations a $100.00 fine
per repeat violation.
A copy of the Master Deed and By-Laws may be obtained for $25 copy fee at the offices of Property & Association Management. Please call ahead to avoid a wait time. 843-280-6100. We do not provide electronic copies.

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